Through its small staff and volunteer tutors, CALC provides free diagnostic testing and one-to-one instruction in reading and writing. Student goals are paramount and may include reaching grade level or job requirements for literacy, earning a GED, and preparing for citizenship testing.


Our free programs are geared toward children struggling in school, at risk-teens, and adults. Immigrants and refugee families can learn English as a second language.


To empower Capital Area elementary school students working to boost their reading and writing skills, community volunteers and MSU students are trained and supervised to provide free, individual instruction in reading and writing to children in poverty. We serve schools on the bottom of reading and achievement scores in Michigan. Program quality is recognized by letters from Lansing principals and administrators; pre- and post-tests document reading gains of children.

Instruction takes place outside school hours at designated school locations.  Capital Area Literacy Coalition (CALC) provides supervision, expertise, and materials.


Read to Succeed trainings take place in Erikson Hall on MSU campus. Departments across the university refer their students. Other students volunteer. ( MSU students may enroll in TE494 Field and Lab Literacy.) This experience has helped many MSU students gain employment and gain acceptance to the Peace Corps, Fulbright opportunities, and Teach for America.

Call 517.420.1849 for more information


The GED test is made up of four subjects, broken into separate exams.  The subjects are math, language arts, social studies, and science. 


Please call (517) 485-4949 to make an appointment to enroll in our program.

Adult tutors may make an appointment to receive GED tutor training after they complete our Basic Tutor Training class.



It’s never too late to achieve literacy in English and reach your goals.  Adults can benefit from free, one-to-one tutoring in basic reading and writing; GED preparation with free testing; and English Language/Citizenship test preparation (immigrants from over 45 countries have come to CALC!).  Challenges often include not being able to fill out forms, read directions, or communicate in writing.  CALC’s free testing helps determine reading level English fluency, aiding optimal matching of students and tutors.


We offer both one-to-one instruction as well as classes for ESL students.  Some speak no English at all, while others have varied degrees of ability.  Please call for an appointment with our Reading Specialist to be assessed (517-485-4949).  Refugees and immigrants from over 45 countries have received English instruction with CALC.



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