Arriving from Africa in April, "Bob" contacted CALC for help with English. He had been a nurse for 18 years and has hopes of pursuing that career when his English fluency and literacy makes it possible. Following assessment at CALC, "Bob" and I began meeting weekly at the local library. We always begin with conversation and learn more about each other and our respective native countries. He's provided me with seeds of the Moringa tree, and I've shared apples from my trees. He's shared stories of his young son and I've shared stories of my young grandchildren.


His initial reserve is disappearing and he has independently obtained his driver's license. Similarly, he sought assessment at Lansing Community College and has enrolled in an English class. Together, we investigated an ESL reading/conversation group at the library and he became a regular participant.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a foreboding challenge to his career goal and we spend significant time on reading and listening, comprehension, writing and grammar. As an example, the test has one section where you listen to a lecture and then answer questions. We have devised a routine with "Bob" listening to an audio from the Voice of America website at  home and writes an email to me summarizing the main idea. I evaluate his response and reply to him.


With the perseverance he has displayed so far, I'm certain he will be helping patients and doctors in the near future


Ethan enrolled in our program and passed the GED within three months of starting. He showed up consistently to his appointments twice a week, and now has an engineering job at an aerospace company in Lansing. He's supporting his wife and young son.




Lydia had passed the first three GED tests easily but struggled with the final math portion of the tests. After repeated attempts, she was matched with our GED math tutor, Guy.  After three months of extensive math tutoring, Lydia re-took the test and passed it, earning her GED credential.  She is now enrolled in a nursing study program at LCC and we are extremely proud of her hard work.


Many students who are enrolled in our GED program state that the subject of math is their biggest hurdle toward earning their certificate. While some math tutors work individually with their students, Guy has created his own curriculum plan that starts with the fundamentals and continues through algebra over a weekly, four month period in a study group. In December, three of his students passed the official GED math test and graduated. A fourth student had a baby and will be taking her test soon.


Guy's students said that his clear, concise instruction and patience helped them to finally understand mathematics. One wished she had Guy while in high school so she could have been successful years ago. Guy's major in business at Wayne State University and work in the state of Michigan mainly in the Community Health Department helped make him the great tutor he is today.

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