CALC is comprised of dedicated individuals working in various capacities to improve literacy in the greater Lansing area.


Barbara Schmidt, Executive Director

Claire Greenwald, Administrative Assistant &

GED Coordinator

Sue Hulteen, Reading Specialist

Ben Mepham, Volunteer Coordinator

Open Position, ESL Coordinator

Open Position, Tutor Trainer


Dr. Lois Bader, Founder

Larry Dobias, Chairperson

Anthony Andrus, Vice-Chairperson

Gayle Main, Treasurer

Open Position, Secretary

Kamal Subnani

Gregory J. Crockett

Jill Dehlin

Dr. Elahe Crockett, PhD.

Dr. Stephan TePastte

Jerry Hodak



In cooperation with the Capital Area Literacy Coalition, the Student Literacy Corps contributes to a variety of literacy-based programs. A few of these include: READ TO SUCCEED, Family School Partnership, GED prep, English as a Second Language, and Adult Basic Literacy.


MSU Student Literacy Corps (SLC) is seeking members to help eliminate illiteracy in our community. We will provide training; all majors are welcome and MSU credit is available. CALC maintains an office in Erickson Hall on the MSU Campus.  MSU students may choose to volunteer or tutor for credit.  Tutors are recruited at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters.

READ to SUCCEED tutor training dates to be announced.



lois A. BADER, PHd

Born in a rural mining and steel mill area of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Dr. Bader dedicated herself to combating poverty by providing the gift of literacy and language to people in need. Dr. Bader, an author and a Michigan State University professor emeritus of literacy, has been the unpaid executive director of the Capitol Area Literacy Coalition since 1987. Throughout her professional career Dr. Bader has created programs in adult and child literacy as well as English as a second language in the greater Lansing area and around the world. Dr. Bader's awards include CASE Professor of the Year, ALER Research and Scholarship Award, and Michigan Women's Hall of Fame.

Dr. Bader is the author of several books and articles, including Read to Succeed and the Bader Reading and Language Inventory, which has become a standard in the field of literacy and is going into its 7th edition. The Bader Reading and Language Inventory was designed to help teachers, adult students, reading specialists, clinicians, and volunteer tutors diagnose specific literacy needs, measure a reader's growth, and the effectiveness of different reading approaches.

Just a few of the literacy programs Dr. Bader created include: Basic Literacy and Communication for the U.S. Marine Corps in Asia, Vocational and Workplace Literacy for the U.S. Army in Europe, and grass roots literacy programs in Liberia and the Philippines. She has been an instructor, consultant, and speaker on English as a second language, curriculum development, and literacy and learning disabilities across the United States and internationally in Japan, Honduras, Germany, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Korea, Liberia, Switzerland, Okinawa, Egypt, Malaysia, Philippine Islands, Hong Kong, and Singapore.