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Teacher and Pupil

Children's Program - Read To Succeed

Relaunching Soon (projected Spring 2024)

Read to Succeed is a program for children, kindergarten thru fifth grade students, that live in the Lansing Housing Commission low-income housing throughout Lansing. Under the guidance of our Children's Program Coordinator, Site Supervisors, and Youth Tutors, children are given a curriculum rich in literacy and associated activities twice weekly, year-round. Community organizations, such as Potter Park Zoo, offer enrichment programs to our students as well. Weekly themes and special activities, snacks, and school supplies are provided. The Youth Tutors, in addition to being paid for their help, are given guidance regarding employment, financial management, and college application help.

Site Supervisor Testimonial

My time as a site supervisor was an experience that gave me many tools I can use for the future.  Growing up, I myself had a tutor that would come provide me one-on-one math help, and to this day I use some of the tricks they taught me. Not until I had this experience did I understand how vital an individualized tutoring experience can be with a student. Not only can this experience help an student at any skill level, but especially students who are characterized as being "behind" other students in their grade level, or who struggle with one area of their learning.  Through my position as a site supervisor, I was able to facilitate, and see how vital tutoring can be for a student's achievement in their goals.

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