"The READ to SUCCEED program is seriously a terrific thing for the upcoming generations in Lansing. They should have programs similar to this in every school district in Michigan.”

– READ to SUCCEED volunteer



“I love READ to SUCCEED because now I can read like the other kids. READ to SUCCEED is special because my tutor is nice and teaches me not to give up.  READ to SUCCEED helped me because I catch up with the other kids when my tutor and me did the white board and our spelling. I would love to come back to READ to SUCCEED. I would come back to have fun and to calm me down.”

– READ to SUCCEED student



“I would not lay claim to being a teacher of epic proportions, but with the training I received from the Student Literacy Corps, I was more than equipped for the task at hand. For the children, this program is needed, it is wanted, and it is a wonderful starting point for their reading careers.”

– David, MSU READ to SUCCEED credit student



“Our teachers have said that they have seen improvement with their students academically and with their attitude about reading, writing, and speaking in front of a group.  The tutors have given our kids encouragement and the feeling that they are special.”

– Mrs. Ruesky, Principal, Cumberland Elementary



“We feel extremely fortunate to avail ourselves and offer our students and their families a program that focuses on the individual child, and works at their level to provide close and critical reading instruction from the MSU community.  We see such positive results, including a move obvious enthusiasm for reading that carries over into our classrooms.”

– Rebecca Stephens, Principal, Gier Park Elementary

“I just wanted to say thank you to your organization. I came to you as a 27-year-old drop out and fed up line cook. Thanks to you guys I was tutored, tested, and received my GED at no cost. I now have a job making $20 an hour with great benefits that I couldn't have without my GED. I even attended Davenport University for a year and will be going to Career Quest for HVAC certification. So again, thank you for putting me on the right path to success compassionately and at no cost.”

– Josh, GED Graduate

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