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Whether needing basic reading and writing skills, learning English, or achieving a GED, all adult learners with The Reading People first participate in an interview to identify interests and goals. Goals vary from wishing to read bedtime stories, boost ability to help children with homework, prepare to find employment opportunities or achieve a promotion at work, to understanding legal and medical documents. Many wish just to feel better about themselves.


Next, the individual is given a FREE comprehensive evaluation to determine strengths and needs related to reading and writing.  Based on these assessments, we can create an individual remediation program.  The learner is paired with a trained community volunteer, and they determine a mutually convenient time to meet for an hour twice a week to work toward achieving the individual learner’s personal goals.

The Reading People welcome new learners throughout the year. Please call (517 ) 485-4949 for an improved quality of living for yourself or someone you care about.


All services are FREE.

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